Why Should I Have a “Contact Me” Link on My Site?

Best practice for websites — have an immediately noticeable means for your readers to contact you.

A list of other blogs that a blogger might recommend by providing links to them (usually in a sidebar list).

Teri, she who is my wife, has bookmarked a TON of foodie sites.

While reading Cooking Stuff, she was redirected to a scummy “Hey, this site is for sale” landing page.

After hearing her disgusted grunt, I took a look at it.

Turns out Cooking Stuff uses a now-defunct blogroll service, Blogrolling.

Poking around, I found the folks who own the Blogrolling domain, Tucows, have done something really distasteful — after about 15 seconds, the blogroll script redirects the browser to the landing page.

This is hella-confusing for Cooking Stuff’s demographic.

In an attempt to be discreet, I tried to contact “Bob,” the blogger who runs Cooking Stuff… And there’s no “Contact Me” link. So, I had to leave a comment letting him (and the world) know there’s a problem with his site.

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